Bemsee Online Entry System - NOW LIVE!

For Results,please see the timekeeper's office next door! To register, click the link in the top right corner.
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Bemsee Online Entry System - NOW LIVE!

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Tel (office): 01708 720305

Bemsee Online Entry System - NOW LIVE!

Our online entry system is now live!

You will be able to book up to the first three meetings. (Ninjas, YPMs and Club Sidecars will also be able to book into the special June Sidecar Revival meeting at Cadwell)

For future meeting bookings - those of you who do two of the first three meetings will be emailed by the system later and have a 2-day opportunity to book the fourth meeting at Donington in advance of any other riders. This will ensure that riders who are focusing on their championships will be able to book in advance of any other rider looking to do a future meeting as a one off.

Otherwise the booking system remains as it has been for the last few years, make sure you are logged-in - then click the tab "RACE ENTRIES" on the Homepage and go to the meeting you want to book. Just select the testday if you want to do it (there's a slider to change from full to halfday at the bottom of that column) and select Sat & Sun boxes for the meeting (Fri/Sat for Oulton!). The system adds it all up for you including a transponder hire if you don't have your own...

Remember to finish and confirm your booking by going through the checkout process - That's important as without finishing the checkout your booking will not be made. Remember we don’t process the payments for test days and meetings until seven days out from the event.

NEW RIDERS - Even if you are yet to do your course and get your Licence - you can still book for the early meetings you want to do. No payments for meetings are taken until a week before - by which time you will have your Licence.

A reminder then - when you’re logged in you can check your info by clicking “My Profile” at the top of the homepage. In the green box on the RH side in My Profile you can edit anything about your bikes & main class - next of kin - address details, etc - you can also access links to your eTickets for MSV circuits when they are released in advance of each meeting. You can also check your forward bookings and access receipts for those you’ve already done.

You can make amendments now click here >>>> Go to "My Profile" at

We are available to help with any booking problems on the office line from 9.30am on 01708 720305.

Mike Dommett
CEO - The British Motorcycle Racing Club

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