Message from the ACU Chairman – 19th March

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Message from the ACU Chairman – 19th March

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Message from the ACU Chairman – 19th March


Dear Members, Officials and Staff

For over a hundred years the ACU, it’s committee’s and staff have served it’s members whether they be riders, passengers, support crew and families, it’s supported it’s clubs and members, event officials and their families, we’ve worked with event promotors, medical support teams, sponsors, journalists, manufacturers and the motorcycle sporting industry, insurers and legal companies, rights of way representatives and politicians and we’ve always managed to keep motorcycle sport running in the most challenging circumstances.

At the time of writing and as you know the virus is spreading across the country and as seen across the World with devastating consequences, we share the families afflicted sorrow and as thousands of people suffer it’s not a time to be organising sporting events and as seen by our World representative for motor cycle sport the Federation Of International Motorcyclists FIM they have postponed all World and Continental Championship events.

As we wait for better times you may have questions for the ACU team at Rugby who are there to help and will answer your questions if possible but to make it a bit easier for them you will find most information on the ACU web site  then when we return to racing or trials the ACU staff and the many thousands of officials that organise and run the events will be ready to get your season started.

I need to say that myself and the ACU Board appeal to members to not ride their competition motorcycles in any circumstances during this period because to ride a competition motorcycle you know there are risks to yourself and others. Please think that if your seriously injured riding a competition motorcycle you will use valuable medical resources which may result in you being ultimately responsible for somebody else’s failure to receive the appropriate life saving treatment.

Through the coming weeks please think of others and help us all get through these unprecedented times.

Take care

Roy Humphrey

Chairman ACU Ltd
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Re: Message from the ACU Chairman – 19th March

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Who is the General Secretary now?
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Re: Message from the ACU Chairman – 19th March

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This is the preceded statement why
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Re: Message from the ACU Chairman – 19th March

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These silly barstewards come from the same stock as the selfish swines who are stripping supermarkets of food, as well as 3 wheels I am a member of TRF and enjoy off road green laning , we do it legally but we still get stick from certain members of the public,frankly if I/we catch someone riding an illegal bike on a non designated place we will give them more s*^t than they know, I fully support any action and the powers that be should take their bikes and crush them, why do 5% of morons mess it up for the rest of us.
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Re: Message from the ACU Chairman – 19th March

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Lot of folk still not taking this seriously...
I had a message from one of my customers in northern Italy - advising we take it very seriously...
Wake up folks - this is not an extra holiday....
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