LCR Yamaha 600

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LCR Yamaha 600

Unread post by Lukas Wyssen » Mon Jan 13, 2020 9:20 am

LCR Chassis 2009
Engine RJ27 (Build up and completly rebuild by Schlosser Racing)
Dry sump Oil System (Schlosser Racing)
Exhaust (SR)
Full carbon airbox including variable bellmouth system
Shocks (Reiger)
Fairing/center section/wheel arch
Full carbon undertray (Schlosser Racing)
ECU and Loom and (YEC)
Datarecording (AIM MXL2 Dashboard/EVO4S Datalogger)
46‘800 Euro

Also available

Engine RJ27 with throttle body (Build up by Schlosser Racing/ 3 Races done)
Dry sump oil system (Schlosser Racing)
Set of Wheels
Set of Wheels
Rear Wheel
New wet tyre (rear)
Wheel arch
Spare sensors, small parts ...

Located in Switzerland

Lukas Wyssen
0041 77 420 88 41

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