Thundercat *SOLD*

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Thundercat *SOLD*

Unread post by kc888 » Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:20 pm

Hi all.

Anybody that's flicked through the F2's for sale recently might remember a Hey's with a pre-injection Thundercat 600 engine... well this is that engine for sale.

I've just bought this, so having never used it or even had it running, I can't really comment on it's condition. I believe it will need refreshed. Engine Number 4TV-040294

The engine comes with a heap of spares, including exhaust system (which needs a new can), and there's cases, cranks, heads and various engine bits, again to what like I can't really comment. I can take some more detailled photos if anybody needs.

I've got some flatslides for it up on eBay just now, which I can include if it helps the sale - if they've not already gone in the mean time.

I've got the loom, coils and ECU that came off the bike too, which can be chucked in too if you want them.

I've no idea how good any of this stuff is, or really what it's worth to anybody, so I'm open to offers... just looking to free up a few quid and some space.

Collection from Cupar, Scotland.

Kelly, 07709952544

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