TT 2018 passenger available

Tell us when you're available and what region you are willing to travel to..
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TT 2018 passenger available

Unread post by Haynesy » Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:37 am

I'm available to passenger the TT 2018 - had a ride sorted but drivers plans have changed.

Had an entry accepted for 2017 but got run over racing earlier in the season so had to withdraw - raced since with no issues. I'd be a TT newcomer, but last year they said I was one of the best prepared newcomers they'd ever had. I've potentially some sponsorship to help with costs and can sort my matching helmet/leathers out.

I've a regular British F2 and Oliver's Mount ride sorted for the season - so signatures and fitness will be fine. However I understand we might want to get some racing in to check each other out before hand.

Lots of fast F1 and F2 experience and lapped Oliver's Mount sub 2 mins. I'm no mechanical guru, but I'm pretty handy with the spanners and have changed many a sidecar engine and worked on a whole range of outfits. I know getting on well off the bike is almost as important as getting on well on it - so I'll graft at that too.

Get in touch if interested or know of anyone who might be. Cheers! Andy 07720 850864

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