Ready for the battle!

Tell us when you're available and what region you are willing to travel to..
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Ready for the battle!

Unread post by MattLinda66 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:23 am

Any drivers looking for a dedicated and committed nut job, drop me a message! 48 going on 18, 73kg and ready for the fight. Guaranteed to push to the chequered flag. Matt Phillips.

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Re: Ready for the battle!

Unread post by Dan » Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:35 pm

Matt, you are talking to sidecar drivers. Half of them still use Whitworth spanners :roll: , you can usually find one that nearly fits and if not there is always the adjustable or hammer and screwdriver :thumbup: , so 73kg probably won't mean much to some of them :?: whereas 11st 7lbs (that is stones and pounds for the benefit of the young ones) will let them know your weight ;)

They might also want to know if you are a novice at passengering or have experience, if so on what type of sidecars (vintage, classic, F1, F2, etc.). Perhaps give an idea about which part of the country you are based too. All drivers will take it for granted that you are a 'nut job', you are wanting to be a passenger [uglyhammer.gif] .

Good luck in getting a ride and I hope you get one that will carry you to the chequered flag although your guarantee that you will push the outfit there might help ;) :D
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