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Passenger Available

Unread post by Miloward » Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:07 am

Hi, passenger available for many dates unless they clash with British Stock 600 as I’m a solo rider as well.

20 years old, 6’1, quite heavy but fairly fit and stupid enough to give it a solid effort. Still a novice, having only been out twice, once on a classic and once on a post classic pre injection where myself and the driver had never met but still able to win both our races.

I’d like to get my National fairly quickly so up for most events.

I am a student so don’t really have much to offer to running costs but this can be discussed and I may be able to stick a little into the kitty. Not perfect but I’d like to be upfront about it. Student life means no money at the best of times!

Feel free to text me on 07703449098 if you need anyone. Or find me on Facebook Milo Ward and Milo Ward Racing 41#

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