Saturday Race

The race went ahead in dry conditions with Ramsden / Ramsden on pole, leading from the lights with Founds / Walmsley hanging on like a terrier to a rag for the first nine of the twenty lap race! This came to a premature end when a piece of silicon in the fuel filter forced the Founds / Walmsley outfit to retire.

The Lowther brothers made a fast start off the line pulling ahead of Wallis / Belsey and Blackstock / Rosney, getting to the first corner in the three-way battle for position. Blackstock went on to take fourth position in lap two, easing away from the other pairings.

Crawford and Farrance, although slightly off the pace of the top pairings continued in a comfortable third position until the motor cried enough and forced their retirement on lap thirteen.

This left the Ramsden's in a comfortable lead only requiring them to guide the outfit home safely to take the flag.
Battling further down the field included Wallis / Belsey with the Lowthers for third and fourth places. Switching position on more than one occasion.

Wallis making a banzai move on the last lap. The late braking move would have worked if the track had been another 15 feet wider. With Wallis running wide John Lowther retook the position, much to Jake Lowther's amusement!

Dukes / Moralee along with Gibson / Gibson had their own little battle which ran throughout the entire twenty laps. At one point the hard charging Gibson went sideways for safety in a three wheel drift, managing to avoid an excursion onto the damp grass.

Anglesey F2 Sun Crawford

Lee Crawford and Patrick Farrance

Riley / Parker made an error in time management prior to the race, forgetting lunch had been called early. Parker miscalculated the amount of available time to change the clutch and wheels. If it was not for the assistance of Mike "Superstar" Aylott and Emily along with the loan of a replacement clutch from Team A.R.C. they would not have made the race at all. Unfortunately they retired after five laps with an over heating motor.

Roy Hanks commented that alterations would be required to his new seat unit before he could take part in any more track sessions. As he was suffering bruising to his upper arms and the "family jewels"!

Kev Thornton enjoyed the race and commented he will have to push harder in race two.

De Mott / Christie chased Riley / Parker for 10 laps with handling issues, changes being an on going process. "We will give it another go tomorrow" being their comments.

Fastest race laps:
Super - Founds / Walmsley - 1:13.100
Cup - Blackstock / Rosney - 1:14.460