The woman is a force of nature, on her feet just eight days after shattering the bottom of her femur and her right wrist. Lady sidecar says she will be back.

Gary Bloke talks to me about the ACU benevolent fund and volunteers me to get my head shaved!

I have decided to make a very small personal sacrifice and have my greying hair parted from my head. This will happen at nine o'clock in the bar at Cadwell Park at the SideCar Bonanza 24.10.2015. We are raising money for three charities Prof Melcher's Melanoma research (Terry Windle), Prostate Cancer (Ian Johnson) and the ACU Benevolent Fund.

Please come along and laugh at me, chuck some money in the bucket and maybe buy me a drink!

Terry Windle was a fantastic bloke and although I didn't know him well, I liked him a great deal. I have included an exert from one of the shows I made with him last year.

My thanks to everyone, everywhere who helped to make this show.