Live timing can be found on this link eventually, thanks to Warwick! From what Warwick says there will be video on that link too. 

The server is showing "too busy" at the moment but I think/hope it will start working properly on race day.

From Mark Dennis, 
Qualifying starts at 9am NZ time don't know what the order is, 20.00 UK, NZ is thirteen hours ahead of UK.. 
Race 1 is due 12.30 local 23.30 ours, 
Race 2 is due 15.50 local 02.50 our time.. 
and from Glennis it sounds like Tim and Mark are 4 seconds under the lap record in practice. Go on boys! 

There is also pre 82 sidecars out there, 1.10 and 4.30 race times..

also there is a free app available on iOS and GooglePlay, do a search for 'cemetery circuit' 


hampton downs