From the GoFundMe page set up for Mark Wilkes

Some of you may already know that Mark went to New Zealand to passenger for Tim Reeves.
Well after a great first 2 weeks It's unfortunately taken a turn for the worse.. When on Monday evening whilst out on road bikes, he unfortunately was involved in an accident and has been hospitalised since..
He has multiple fractures to his neck and his left femur. But has no loss of feeling at all..
On Tuesday his femur was pinned and the doctors are very happy with the result.
And has just returned from his neck operation today, he has 6 broken vertebra which two have had to be fused.. But the docs are again very happy with the outcome.
He now has a longer stay in NZ and a long road to recovery.
He has been unbelievably strong and in good spirits all week.
Lets help Mark to a full recovery.