King of Levels Rd 3 and King of Ruapuna Rd 1

There hasn't been a lot to report on so I'll do a brief overview of the two rounds

After a minor surgery I was unable to ride at Levels so we drafted Gary "Goober" Macefield into the riders seat, well known for his sunny disposition and positive attitude Will and I thought he'd be a great asset to the team (I actually told Will after I'd already organised it)

He turned up the day before and loaded up after trying it for size, with him towing it down it meant instead of the usual 5.30am start I could leave at a leisurely 7.00am to drive down and watch

After picking up Jessie on the way we got down there about 9.30 to find them set up and ready to go....

Practice and they're doing ok but another rider points out something has been leaking from the rear of it (no it wasn't oil), after a bit of checking we find fuel pissing out of a split line at 40psi but a bit of a trim and it's sorted

Race 1

Straight away Goober/Will are putting the pressure on Graeme/Colin and the second lap they make the pass off the end of the back straight for the lead, not long after Graeme/Colin pull out with their sidecar running incredibly rough but apparently that's what happen when your throttle bodies pretty much fall off and Goober/Will cruise home for an easy win

Race 2

With Graeme/Colin out for the day Goober/Will decide to handicap themselves for race 2
Phil/Stephen leave the line and Goober/Will wait until they're heading off the back straight before they go after them

I'm wondering if they'll actually catch them and Goober later said he was thinking the same as it's several laps before he can even seen them but he's slowly reeling them in

Just under a lap to go and they try an outside move at the chicane which they totally stuff up and lose a little time but recover from it in time to catch back and make a pass down the back straight

A fairly good day overall and Goober was even seen to crack a smile

I was back in the riders seat for the first round of Ruapuna and eager to try out the new quickshifter

The weather was looking pretty miserable and we roll out onto a wet track for practice, within a lap I've decided the new quickshifter in my new favourite thing in the world but it's taking a bit of concentration to remember to use it

Tracks pretty slippery but we've raced in worse

Race 1
Lighting it up off the line as my passengers not fat enough and Graeme/random stand in are pulling out in front

We pull past them into T1 and it stays like that for race distance

Race 2
Like levels we organise to do a slightly longer race and only do two instead of 3 shorter races and with the track dried out we're back on slicks

We decide to handicap ourselves a bit for this one and wait until the others are through T1 before we head out

We could have given a bit more as we catch and pass them on the second lap then slow up a bit to play around

We pass and let them back in front a few times, we have a brief moment when the throttle sticks open but I hit the kill switch give it a wiggle and it comes right but it gives them a bit of a gap and we have to work a bit to pull them back in

My new favourite thing in the world (quickshifter) decides it's not going to play the game and after a few missed shifts I'm back to rolling off the throttle to change gears

We pull along side in the last corner and just to tease wind the throttle on just enough to stay about half a length ahead over the line

Even with the crappy weather at the start of the day it still turned out to be a good day and a good bit of fun

Only a couple of weeks now until the final round at Levels and then a couple after that until the next Ruapuna round, we've got an engine to swap and get the new data logger hooked up before then