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BMCRC - or Bemsee as they are known - are running sidecar taxi rides at their Brands Hatch meeting on October 6/7th. 

There will be not only the F1 and F2 sidecars that are normal competitors with Bemsee but some of us BHR Teams will be bringing our BEARS outfits down to have a ride round and spread the word about this cheap, fun and friendly class of racing. Thanks to MDMD and Slow Phil for arranging to have us as guests. 

If you fancy a ride round the iconic Brands Hatch circuit on an F1, F2 or Bears (British European or American Race Series) outfit, then

click the link here to the BEMSEE information page. 

Thanks also to Sue Wood for reminding me to get this up here on the front of the site. 

Cheers all! 

Steve E