• Congratulations Spike and Robbie, 2017 NZSBK Sidecar Champions!

    Photo from the unofficial New Zealand SBK Facebook Page here

  • A week before the event it was doubtful we’d even attend, while doing the last Friday practice of the year the rear axle snapped as we changed the wheel and torqued it up.
    Straight to the engineer and it was “about 2 days and $1000”, a post on the best UK sidecar site resulted in nothing and it was only when LP racing came to the party with a spare which they sent down to us meant we were back in with a chance.
    Checked for straightness and then crack tested to be on the safe side along with a bunch of measurements as it was from a latter model and it was all looking good.

  • King of Levels Rd 3 and King of Ruapuna Rd 1

    There hasn't been a lot to report on so I'll do a brief overview of the two rounds

    After a minor surgery I was unable to ride at Levels so we drafted Gary "Goober" Macefield into the riders seat, well known for his sunny disposition and positive attitude Will and I thought he'd be a great asset to the team (I actually told Will after I'd already organised it)

    He turned up the day before and loaded up after trying it for size, with him towing it down it meant instead of the usual 5.30am start I could leave at a leisurely 7.00am to drive down and watch

    After picking up Jessie on the way we got down there about 9.30 to find them set up and ready to go....

  • From Warwick Demmocks, a report from the New Zealand South Island rounds. 


  • Results from Wanganui Circuit on mylaps here

    or click read more for F1 and Classic (Pre 82) Sidecars... 

  • This week the Tri Series went to Manfeild (yes that's spelt right, I did check) for the second round. Another circuit for Tim Reeves and Mark Wilkes to learn their way round, another circuit for Aaron Lovell and Tracey Bryan to chase them as hard as they could. 

    For the full results on mylaps click here - for just the sidecars click read more. 

  • Tim Reeves and Mark Wilkes took pole and two wins in the F1 class at Hampton Downs ahead of Aaron Lovell and Tracey Bryan, with Spike Taylor and Astrid Hartnell taking third in both races. 

    For full results click read more, or see here.


  • Live timing can be found on this link eventually, thanks to Warwick! From what Warwick says there will be video on that link too. 

    The server is showing "too busy" at the moment but I think/hope it will start working properly on race day.

    From Mark Dennis,
    Qualifying starts at 9am NZ time don't know what the order is, 20.00 UK, NZ is thirteen hours ahead of UK.. 
    Race 1 is due12.30 local 23.30 ours,
    Race 2 is due15.50 local 02.50 our time..
    and from Glennis it sounds like Tim and Mark are 4 seconds under the lap record in practice. Go on boys! 

    There is also pre 82 sidecars out there, 1.10 and 4.30 race times.. click read more for timetable


    The weekend before I'd been doing an oil change when it all turned to custard and a frost plug popping sometime between draining the oil, refilling it and firing it up dumped all the coolant into the oil which meant an engine change

    After firing up the spare motor we had no oil pressure, a bit of dicking about pulling bits off to see where the oil was circulating to seemed to fix that.