MoTeC ECU – Know what you are buying

An article from Andrew ‘Angus’ Brooke

MoTeC is a fairly expensive bit of kit, so do your research in what you are buying. I will be telling you rough prices of new kit, and things to keep eye out for with second hand.

THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH, instead I want to inform. I have no issues with other systems, or second hand kit, but sometimes deals aren’t as good as they appear.

ECU wise there are 2 which will be used. The M800 (gold box) & M130 (black box).

Motec M800

I got started with MoTeC when the M800 was first released in 2002 as it was one of the first commercially available ECU to run 8 injectors sequentially, so was perfect for the new CBR600rr, which resulted in our customers winning 4 championships on the trot in British Supersport.

It is a work horse and can run a range of engines from jetski to V8. It is still in production today and retail for a R6 spec engine (with water pump expansion & lambda) is £3434.With the M800 if you are buying second hand, find out what firmware (internal software) it has been flashed with.

General open firmware will be 3.5 however some units will have 7.5 which was from British Supersport. This means some functions are removed from the software. Although this will not effect the performance of the ECU, if you are buying as a spare and have a 3.5 unit, you’ll have to convert your 3.5 map to 7.5. These ex supersport units can not be upgraded as they were sold at discounted prices when it was a control championship.

The M800 has a range of upgrades. Check when buying second hand if they have the upgrades required.

A number of times I’ve had customers tell me they got this bargain of a unit second hand, for me to tell them it requires over £1000 of upgrades enabled to run the engine properly. If the seller does not know, give me the serial number of unit and I will be able to research the upgrades enabled

Motec M130

The M130 is a newer ECU on the market. Again I’ve been involved in it from the start, doing wiring for PTR Honda in World Supersport, Crescent Suzuki in World Superbike, Honda UK in British Superbike and ultimately helping MoTeC get the British Superbike control electronics tender.

The M130 is locked firmware to specific engine or championship. It can be upgraded, but will have costs associated. Find out what firmware is in the ECU if buying 2nd hand, again if not sure give me serial number & I can find out.

For the sidecar market, I got MoTeC to write me custom sets of firmware for each engine currently used in modern sidecars. This is based on the work I’ve done in British Supersport, which my customers have won the past 4 championships. Tim Reeves used this to take him to his world championship last year.

Cost of this ECU is £1831, but requires an external lambda controller for £295.Worth also pointing out if get serial number of units, I will be able to track its history.

Number of times I see units advertised for serious money when they are original units I would have sold in 2002/2003!! Also seen some which have “history” which want to avoid.

So yes, MoTeC is expensive, but sometimes not as bad as people have been told, and sometimes worse than thought. If ever need advice or help just contact me.


Andrew ANGUS Brooke – The top MoTec Man – find him on Twitter here