Entry list for the British F2 at Donington Park this weekend 15-16 May

Thanks Mark for posting this entry list! Looks like it should be a superb meeting.

Also news from Chris Beauman..
On Saturday, 3 WHEELING will be filming for the first time outside the Isle of Man. This race day project is Sponsored by the FSRA and will be the prototype model for the filming of other race days in venues Around The World. This certainly will be a Big day for our Sport ! 3W Ambassadors let’s get the 3 Wheeling Flags waving & the 3W stickers on the bikes. Good luck to all the teams & don’t forget to give a shout out to the camera crew Dan & Joe .

Mark has posted the timetable and links to live timing etc on the forum here

3 Conrad Harrison Bellas Honda Super Town Garage
3 Andy Winkle

4 Wayne Lockey LCR honda Super Real Racing
4 Mark Sayers

6 Todd Ellis Baker Honda 600 Guest GBM Demolition
6 Phil Hyde

7 Nev Jones LCR Suzuki 600 Super Gainsborough
7 Joe Gaunt

8 Brian Ilaria DDM F2 Cup Powerhouse Derby
8 Matt Simms

10 Howard Baker Shelbourne Honda 600 Super BK Racing
10 Mike Killingsworth

13 Matt Dix 600 Guest Portishead
13 Shaun Parker

17 Lee Crawford LCR Suzuki 600 Super ARC Newton Aycliffe
17 Scott Hardie

21 Dean Lindley DMR Suzuki 600 Guest Leeds
21 Arlo Brown

23 Richard Hackney C.E.S Suzuki 600 F2 Cup
23 Dave Ryder

26 Robert Atkinson Bellas F2 GSXR600 F2 Cup Clifton
Service Station
26 Mark Middleton

27 Roger Stockton LCR Suzuki 600 F2 Cup Dennismenaceracing
27 Bradley Stockton

32 Gary Horspole Shellborne Honda Super baker plant
32 Kenny Cole

33 Sean Hegarty Baker Honda Super Felixstowe
33 James Neave

37 Charles Morphet LCR Honda Guest Morparts UK Ltd
37 Paul Halliburton

39 Bruce Moore Ireson Honda F2 Cup L.B.S, Nikki’s Body
39 Amy Dodd

41 Paul Riley MRE F2 F2 Cup Finecut Developments
41 Jody James

42 John Lowther LCR Yamaha 600 Super AWB Engineering
42 Matthew Roston

44 Alan Founds LCR Yamaha 600 Super Cloud Vapers
44 Jake Lowther

45 Harry Payne GP-F2 Yamaha F2 Cup KelProperties
45 Emmannuelle Clement

54 Mick Alton LCR Suzuki 600 F2 Cup OTC Dyno, J&C
54 Keith Brotherton

56 Steven Pawley GLR Honda 600 RR F2 Cup Rochdale
56 Ian Tennant

68 Shaun Chandler Baker Honda 600 F2 Cup White Rose Racing
68 Ben Chandler

71 Chris Schofield Ireson Honda CBR 600RR F2 Cup Rossendale
71 Shane Colbrook

72 Peter Founds Rowtec LCR 600 Super Gleave Lift Services
72 Jev Walmsley

77 Tim Reeves LCR Yamaha 600 Guest Bonovo
77 Kevin Rousseau

95 Lewis Blackstock LCR Honda Guest SBR
95 Patrick Rosney

99 Steve Ramsden LCR Honda 600 Super Ramsden Racing
99 Matty Ramsden

117 David Schofield Windle Honda 600cc F2 Cup V8PR
117 Guy Pawsey

145 Maria Costello LCR Kawasaki Guest RAM Safety
145 Vicky Cooke