GSXR K4 1000cc engines and spares

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GSXR K4 1000cc engines and spares

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I’ve a complete stock k4 with sump. It was taken out of a road bike. I put the sump on it but never used it.

NME Cylinder head complete - ex Webster apparently. Bill Davy bought two wrecked engines off him years ago. One with a wrecked head and the other crank with the intention of building a good engine. I bought it off him years ago and had it stored away since. It clearly has fancy cams, springs and has been ported. I thought Webster ran cresent but thats the story.

Standard head with cresent springs

Standard head - cams taken out but they are here

1 complete set of casings with no sump. There is a gear box without selectors in it along with pumps and 3 pistons and rods still in it. I will have the other piston and rod.

1 set of battles and bottom - welded previously

Multiple good gearboxes.

2 throttle bodies

Multiple coils

K4 electric spares with injectors and other things in a box.

1 dyson box.

2 cranks

Loom off a F1

Yoshi ecu


Brand new Carrillo rods never out of the box.

Brand new clutch plates.

Multiple clutches, baskets etc

Brand new injectors never out of the box

There are a mountain of good rods and everything you can imagine spares wise. I kept all my good k4 stuff when I went to k8’s and stored it all away. Time for a clean out......

I would like to sell all this in one lot but am happy to sell it all separately.

What do you want? What are you offering? Parts in Ulster.
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Re: GSXR K4 1000cc engines and spares

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Hi do you still have the cranks for sale please?
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