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ACUE APPOINTED AS TT RACE ORGANISER TO 2033 .emailContent{ font-family: 'Montserrat', sans-serif; }

The Isle of Man Government Department for Enterprise, rights holder and promoter of the Isle of Man TT Races, has announced that Auto-Cycle Union Events Ltd (ACUE) has been awarded a 10-year contract as the event’s Race Organiser.
The landmark agreement will see ACUE in the role up to the conclusion of the 2033 Isle of Man TT Races, 25 years after first taking responsibility for delivery of the event in 2008.
In that time, the TT has experienced significant growth across almost every area of the event, and the new contract comes soon after a period of restructuring and investment into the Race Organisation to reflect the increased complexity and resource required to deliver the TT Races.
Headed by Clerk of the Course, Gary Thompson MBE BEM, ACUE will be responsible for all racing elements across the Isle of Man TT Races, ranging from the preparation of the course for racing and controlling all on-course activity, through to appointing Race Officials and training newcomers.
One of the Race Organiser’s most important and largest-scale responsibilities is the provision of marshal and medical cover around the 37.73-mile TT Course, and the 10-year contract with ACUE coincides with two further 10-year deals between ACUE and the TTMA marshalling service, and the Manx Road Racing Medical Services (MRMS).
Gary Thompson, ACU Events Ltd – “It’s an honour for ACU Events Ltd to continue in the role of TT Race Organiser. It’s a long-standing position that we have held and we are extremely proud to continue to do so.”
“Understandably our work comes to the fore when the bikes leave the start line and head towards Bray Hill, but there are thousands of hours of work needed year-round to get to that stage, and it’s a workload that increases as the event grows and our aspirations for its delivery grow too.”
“Without doubt, one of the larger elements of the race organisation is the provision of the marshals and medics, for which we need several hundred in order to go racing. We’ve used this new agreement as an opportunity to secure the TTMA and MRMS over the same 10-year period, which has the huge benefit of allowing us to plan and invest for the long-term like never before.”
Jane Corlett, TTMA Ltd – “A 10-year agreement is great news for the TT and for the TTMA, and we’ll be working hard with ACUE and the Department for Enterprise to continue to improve both the quality of marshalling around the Course, as well as the overall experience and benefits of being a TT Marshal.”
Dr Gareth Davies, Manx Road Racing Medical Services – “The TT attracts some of the world’s most talented trauma and pre-hospital specialists, and they are an asset that the event should truly be proud of. This new agreement will see MRMS expand the scope of our work into new initiatives and research around rider safety and fitness, whilst continuing to deliver world-class care for competitors.”
Tim Johnston MHK, Minister for Enterprise – “The TT continues to enjoy consistent growth across many areas, made all the more impressive when set against a backdrop of ever-increasing pressures.”
“The TT is in no way immune to these pressures, but our long-term strategic delivery of the event allows it to go from strength to strength, and has brought us to this position where we can make such a long-term commitment with ACUE and, subsequently, the TTMA and MRMS, which takes the TT well into the next decade.”
“It’s a testament to the continued hard work by all the organisations and individuals involved in the Isle of Man TT Races, which is a cornerstone to our strong and diverse Manx economy and a key part of our Island’s heritage.”


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