Month: November 2022

Statement – Proposed F.S.R.A. Clubmans Championship


From Dave Tibbles:

The proposal of a new “Clubmans Championship” was discussed at considerable length at the F.S.R.A. committee meeting (01/11/22) prior to the A.G.M. (19/11/22), and several issues were raised. The main objections by the committee members were the uncertainty of how many teams would decide to sign up for this new championship – which could lead to a possible fast track of licence upgrades to National status with only a small grid. Example:- if only two or three entered the new series, the winner automatically gets a licence upgrade signature (plus others within the 92.5% finishing time in class), leading to teams gaining an upgrade too easily, potentially allowing competitors to enter road race events with less experience than desired.

This new Clubmans championship would have possibly drawn teams away from the hosting clubs own sidecar championships – dishonourable behaviour to the few remaining sidecar promoting clubs. For these reasons, the F.S.R.A. committee by a majority vote decided to remove their support for the proposal.

However, any novice or upgrading teams having injected engines thus not being eligible for the Pre-Injection championship are most welcome to come along and enter at the same meetings, as the guest teams did in 2022, where support help and advice will be shared. Teams will need to enter the club sidecar race and there will be no need to become a F.S.R.A. member. Licence upgrading would be as per the hosting clubs race results. Any F2 team doing well either with 600cc Pre-Injection or Injected motors with a Clubmans Licence will now be able to be considered for entries in the A.C.U. / F.S.R.A. British F2 Cup Championship.

Whether a novice or looking to upgrade licences you are welcome to compete along with the Pre-Injection Championship next year. If interested, please contact Dave Tibbles 07740098550 or Email,

The F.S.R.A. committee did state that if there was a proven interest in novice teams coming together in 2023 then at next year’s A.G.M. (Saturday 18th November 2023) this proposal of a Clubmans championship could be revisited, with the backing of the F.S.R.A.

ACU 2023 Licences

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If you’ve been looking to renew or apply for your ACU Licence in readiness for 2023, you’ll have seen that the ACU licence application system isn’t currently available. This is because the ACU are moving to a new membership system and club management platform. This is a huge job and the changeover process has begun so all updates and ACU content will be off line until the 27th November. If everything goes to plan, the new system will be live on 28th November 2022.