Steve E

Passenger from 1990 to 2010, took a break til 2017 when The Bears looked too much fun to ignore. Did a bit of solo and quite a bit of road riding on various dodgy motorcycles over the years. I have just acquired a Honda Blackbird as a weekend toy.

From a family of racers, Dad raced, both brothers, sister’s partner etc.. you get the idea.

Have ridden over 70 bikes with over 60 different drivers but lost track now of their names. I have been putting the list together recently out of curiousity, I should add the list at the bottom here eventually to see who can add to it – and put some photos up so we can see how I have yoyo’d in weight over all that time 🙂

Been running this site since 2000ish in various guises. It is now much quieter than it used to be, it was almost a full time thing for years before the rise of Facebook. We do have a facebook group here.

An electrical engineer by trade, testing and analysing the power that makes trains go.

Lived in Luton since 1999, recently moved to Kent and loving village life. I guess the next thing to do is get a dog 🙂

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