Jenny ‘Triker’ Wells. R.I.P Our friend.

It is with a great sadness that I have been asked to let everyone know that Jenny Wells has passed away this morning after a very short battle with cancer.

I am in a state of shock here. The last I heard from Jen was not that long ago when she was saying she wouldn’t be doing any more photography due to illness and then just days ago that she was too weak for treatment.

Jen my friend, you will be missed at race meetings.
Not only for the photos you loved taking and that were appreciated so much by so many, but for the proper laughs we had at circuits everywhere, if ever there was a chance to laugh at anything I got wrong you were always there.

Details of further arrangements will be posted when they are ready. I will see you all at The Revival

I’ll have one or maybe even two for you there Jen, and I won’t be alone in doing so. xx

I had to include a few shots 😉 ..

Rick’s best side 😉
Orange Army..


From TT Press Office

Ben and Tom Birchall

Ben and Tom Birchall lived up to expectations on Monday afternoon and led the opening 3wheeling.media Sidecar TT race from start to finish, the Haith Honda duo lapping at 119.22mph, just a fraction outside their own lap record, to win their 11th TT and eighth in a row.

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Sidecar and Solo Start lists for TT Monday 6th June 2022

10.45 Supersport 3 lap Race 1
13.10 Sidecars 2 laps Race 1 NOW 14.15 START
15.00 Superstock 3 laps DELAYED SEE BELOW

Superstock race due to go ahead this evening at 18:30. Once sidecar race has finished, roads will open except for the Mountain section. Roads to close again at 18:00

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The Isle of Man TT Races regrets to confirm that Olivier Lavorel, 35, from Sillingy, France was killed in an incident during the first Sidecar Race of the 2022 Isle of Man TT Races. The accident occurred at Ago’s Leap, just under 1 mile into the Course, on the opening lap of the race.

Olivier was competing in his first TT as a passenger to César Chanel. César was taken to Noble’s Hospital by road and airlifted to Aintree Hospital in a critical condition.

Olivier and César were both newcomers at the Isle of Man TT Races and had been elevated from start number 39 to start number 21 after qualifying as the 15th fastest pairing, having posted an impressive lap speed of 108.420mph.

An experienced pairing, Olivier and César had taken numerous victories and podiums in the French F1 and F2 National Sidecar Championships.

The isle of Man TT Races pass on their deepest sympathy to Olivier’s family, friends and loved ones, and our thoughts and best wishes are with César at this time.

Thursday night update

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Due to a change in schedule, the Sidecars had got the evening underway at 6.30pm and it was the Birchalls who were again first away followed by John Holden/Dan Sayle, Tim Reeves/Kevin Rousseau, Dave Molyneux/Daryl Gibson and the Manx Crowe brothers.
Gary Bryan/Phil Hyde made an early stop just after Union Mills before proceeding but all the sector times had the Birchalls as comfortably the quickest and that proved to be the case as they completed the opening lap at 117.516mph. The quickest lap of the week so far, that was some 19.5s quicker than the Crowes whose lap of 115.564mph was another personal best.
Newcomer driver Harry Payne, with Mark Wilkes, went third quickest (112.398mph) with Lee Blackstock/Patrick Rosney (112.354mph) and Reeves/Rousseau (112.34mph). 17-time winner Molyneux was sixth (110.827mph) just ahead of Paul Leglise/Melanie Farnier (110.236mph) but both Holden/Sayle and Lee Crawford/Scott Hardie had stopped out on track.
The Birchalls pulled in to make some set up changes but the Crowes went straight through for a second lap only to retire at Sulby Crossroads. That meant it was Reeves/Rousseau who were first to complete their second lap, at 113.708mph which was six seconds up on Blackstock/Rosney who improved to 113.137mph.
Payne/Wilkes upped their pace to 112.798mph whilst Steve and Matty Ramsden moved into sixth on the leaderboard with a best ever lap of the TT Course of 111.903mph, and although the Birchalls posted another 117mph+ lap, their first lap remained the quicker of the two.

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Monday Night Sidecar Session Cancelled

Monday Night Sidecar Session Cancelled due to red flag in previous session. Sam West injured but OK.

From @ttracesofficial

“Sam West was involved an incident near Laurel Bank, reported as conscious with hand and leg injuries. The fire service were required to extinguish his machine and he has been airlifted to Noble’s Hospital.”

“We are still managing the incident and by the time we’ve got the solo riders back, it will be too late. Unfortunately tonight’s Sidecar session will now be cancelled.”

TT 2022 – Sidecar QUALIFYING 1

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Names/ Laps/Speed/Time/

  • 5 Peter Founds / Jevan Walmsley  2 112.426 20:08.149
  • 1 Ben Birchall / Tom Birchall  2 111.908 20:13.752 +05.602
  • 15 Harry Payne / Mark Wilkes  3 110.364 20:30.727 +16.975
  • 10 Gary Bryan / Philip Hyde  3 109.665 20:38.574 +07.846
  • 12 Lee Crawford / Scott Hardie  3 109.292 20:42.796 +04.222
  • 3 Tim Reeves / Kevin Rousseau  3 109.128 20:44.661 +01.864
  • 9 Conrad Harrison / Andrew Winkle  3 108.327 20:53.872 +09.210
  • 8 Lewis Blackstock / Patrick Rosney  1 108.247 20:54.798 +00.926
  • 14 Estelle Leblond / Clement Carre  3 107.157 21:07.563 +12.764
  • 18 Gary Gibson / Tom Christie  3 106.359 21:17.067 +09.503
  • 2 John Holden / Jason Pitt  3 106.148 21:19.615 +02.548
  • 36 Paul Leglise / Melanie Farnier  1 104.458 21:40.307 +20.691
  • 34 Roger Stockton / Bradley Stockton  3 104.235 21:43.088 +02.780
  • 29 Bruce Moore / Ashley Moore  2 103.106 21:57.367 +14.279
  • 19 Greg Lambert / Ben Mcbride  2 101.869 22:13.357 +15.989
  • 25 Craig Melvin / Stuart Christian  2 101.721 22:15.300 +01.943
  • 27 Michael Russell / Freddy Lelubez   2 100.479 22:31.806 +16.505
  • 22 Gordon Shand / Frank Claeys  2 99.794 22:41.0852 +09.278
  • 37 Alun Thomas / Kenneth Cole  2 99.574 22:44.0972 +03.012
  • 31 Shaun Chandler / Ben Chandler  3 99.242 22:48.654 +04.557
  • 28 Andy King / Andrew Sigsworth  3 99.076 22:50.952 +02.298
  • 4 Dave Molyneux / Daryl Gibson  1 95.056 23:48.920 +57.967
  • 40 Goulven Crochemore / Marlene Lelubez  3 94.083 24:03.701 +14.781
  • 23 John Saunders / James Saunders  1 93.779 24:08.388 +04.687
  • 11 Steve Ramsden / Mathew Ramsden  1 83.119 27:14.130 +03:05.742
  • 39 Cesar Chanal / Olivier Lavorel  2 78.886 28:41.818 +01:27.687
  • 30 Maria Costello Mbe / Vicky Cooke  1 78.3102 28:54.445 +12.627
  • 16 Wayne Lockey / Matthew Rostron  1 73.520 30:47.489 +01:53.044
  • 38 Mark Codd / Liam Gordon  1 66.516 34:02.043 +03:14.553
  • 24 Craig Currie / Justin Sharp  2—0.0000:00.000
  • 20 Rob Handcock / Shaun Parker  ——
  • 33 John Shipley / Mark Gash  ——
  • 7 Ryan Crowe / Callum Crowe  ——
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Isle of Man TT Races Set to be Completely Carbon Neutral For The First Time


The Department for Enterprise is making steps to reduce the carbon footprint of this year’s Isle of Man TT Races with the recent appointment of strategic partner, Pozitive Group.

The partnership will result in the first carbon neutral TT as Isle of Man based Pozitive Group have committed to funding a carbon offsetting programme that will cover the total emissions created by the Isle of Man TT Races including international visitor travel.

The full carbon impact is estimated to be around 5000 tonnes of carbon based on data from 2019, however the total 2022 emissions will be calculated post-event using a number of verified data sources, including the official race reports to capture racing emissions and the statistics from the 2022 TT Visitor Survey to calculate the impact of attendees, including travel data. Pozitive Group will also carry out a broader on-event assessment of any additional factors that may contribute to the final carbon emissions calculation.

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