Update from Bemsee

We’ve mentioned before….as things stand today for us nothing has particularly changed – the next key date is July 4th when ACU race permits may become available to Clubs, in line with current government plans. For things to get back to some normality the government would need to release the restriction on overnight camping. That’s a key component in Clubs being able to arrange events over more than 1 day.

Everyone’s safety is our main concern at Bemsee race meetings. We can’t resume if we deem all is not ready, we will do our best to make things happen as soon as possible, but we will not rush and risk people’s health and well-being – we want everyone to be prepared.

We are surveying Marshals & Officials soon with a view to resuming racing in August at Cadwell over the 8-9 weekend with Testing on the Friday.

Resuming racing at Brands GP in July is difficult – whilst many of you have started testing at trackdays, many have not. The prospect of groups of 40 of you charging into Paddock Hill bend after just 15 mins of Qual, first time back is not ideal. You all need to get used to the New Normal at a Bemsee meeting without the added pressure of racing….

We’ve decided therefore to “flip” Brands GP in July for the Indy meeting in October. The July 17-19 Brands meeting will become a 3-day test event for our Members all on the Indy Circuit with our usual full Medical & Marshal cover. You can enter as much (all 3 days) or as little (a single Friday halfday) as you like. You will all enter online and that will go live in the next few days – you will get an email to advise exactly when.
At that event – you will see the changes in Race Office and have your chance to adhere to Social Distancing in the Paddock. We get the chance to test certain protocols, especially during on-track incidents – this will help our volunteers to also experience this stuff before we go racing.

We hope as many of you as possible will support these 3 days in some way, the revenue we generate will be especially important to the Club to enable the remaining meetings this season to be completed. Circuit owners still hold substantive sums from us – we need to turn that into revenue for the Club at the earliest opportunity.
Some additional news there – We’ve negotiated a full testday on the Friday 4th September before our Donington National meeting and now – as described – our last round will be on the Brands GP Circuit.

There will be no Dinner Dance this season or special Class trophies – but we will amalgamate the results from the first March Brands round with the Cadwell, Donington and GP rounds to produce a list of 2020 Champions. Winners will be rewarded by our sponsors –we are happy to say none of them have asked for their money back!

So, our dates to restart the Bemsee season: (All subject to Boris lifting restrictions!)

• Brands Indy – 17-18-19 July
Exclusive Club Testing all three days
The Club now needs your support over these three days, come and test with your Club!
We look forward to seeing you all again in July at Brands.

• Cadwell Park – 8-9 August (Testday on Friday 7th)
Race meeting – all Bemsee solo classes (No Club Sidecars)
Includes first round of the 2020 British Sidecar Championship

• Donington Park – 5-6 September, National Circuit – NOW INCLUDES FRIDAY 4th TESTDAY
Race meeting – all Bemsee Classes

• Brands Hatch GP Circuit – 3-4 October – Indy Testing on Friday 2nd
          Race Meeting – all Bemsee Classes

We wish you all well, please stay safe as it’s not long before the day that the Chequered Flag flies again.

Kind Regards,

Mike Dommett

Office: 01708 720305