Jock Taylor’s 1980 Sidecar will remain in Scotland


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Marin Motorsports Announces Jock Taylor’s 1980 Sidecar will remain in Scotland to Honor the Scottish Sidecar Racing Hero

It is hoped we have saved a little bit History which supports the Future Sidecar Racing Community for Generations to Come. ‘’ Quotes the Consortium chairman ‘’.

Several of you followed the recent Charter-house Auction on the 27th of August that featured Jock Taylor’s Sidecar. We are sure many of you have wondered about the outcome of the auction. Marin Motorsports can confirm Jock’s 1980 sidecar has now been preserved, and the huge support of many sidecar racers past and present will no longer need to wonder about the outfit ever leaving Scotland.

As agreed, the Marin Motorsport consortium raised a confidential negotiation to purchase Jock Taylor’s sidecar. The agreement, including in the purchase acceptance that cost will not be disclosed. This position has been agreed with the sellers and the new owners.
So various planning will be put into place for the outfit to parade, and be on show.

Many of us have all followed Jock’s endeavors and achievements in his life. Although, we have seen many changes within our sport, Jock’s name and achievements continue to be recognized and respected by all who race today. Jock’s sidecar was purchased with only one purpose in mind, and that is to today maintain Jock’s memory as Scotland’s only World Champion Sidecar Racer.

This is about how we, as a sidecar racing community, honour Jock’s legacy and achievements of the past, and how we will continue to ensure his legacy lives on in the future.

Three Pivotal Points to Ensure Jock’s Legacy Continues.

The Jock Taylor Sidecar Benevolent Fund
(application for charity status in process to be submitted)

Recent discussions with board members for the JTSRBF are in the process of securing The Jock Taylor Scottish Sidecar Racers Benevolent fund as a charity which will support Scottish sidecar racers who are injured during racing events. This has been something very close to the hearts of the principle people who are behind the charity.

The Jock Taylor Museum

A longer-term project that is currently all underway and is well in discussions is the Jock Taylor Museum that will be dedicated to Jock’s achievements. Further efforts are in hand with much work to be done and to push ahead with plans for the future Sidecar Racing Museum which will also be located in Scotland.

Future Events

It is confirmed there are long term discussions taking place to ensure that Jock’s legacy is never forgotten. Just like Bob Mac’s name is respected and treated with honor, Jock’s memory and name will live on through his sidecar, treasured artifacts, and racing memorabilia being displayed at prominent race related events. All proceeds will be used to support the Jock Taylor Scottish Sidecar Racers Benevolent Fund which will be there to support injured sidecar riders and passengers.
This is not about personal recognition, or personal gain. This is about ensuring Jock’s memory will live on for years to come!

Regards Boris – For and on behalf of MMS.

Jock at TT