FIM Sidecar World Championship – Schlosser/Fries take nine-point lead to Hungary

The modern and stylish Pannoniaring in Hungary hosts the second round of the FIM Sidecar World Championship over the weekend of June 25-27th. Named after an extremely successful motorcycle manufacturer from the Communist era, the circuit was opened in 1997 having been designed with motorcycle racing in mind.

The core group of registered teams will make the journey despite the numerous hurdles associated with the Covid-19 protocols in place across borders. The diversity of the entry is reflected in the standings, with British crews featuring strongly.

Le Mans saw an influx of French wild cards, but at the time of going to press, no French team had registered for the second round despite Ted and Vincent Peugeot sitting fifth.

Nonetheless, seven nations are represented, with the added spice of new names from Germany, Austria, and Slovenia.

The sheer speed of Markus Schlosser/Marcel Fries will be an obvious challenge, but Tim Reeves/Kevin Rousseau and Todd Ellis/Emmanuelle Clement ran him close in France. Ellis’s regular passenger Charlie Richardson is likely to make a return in Hungary, with Dutchman Benny Streuer reclaiming the services of Mademoiselle Clement if he is declared fit to race.

Steve Kershaw/Ryan Charlwood will be hoping they have rectified their overheating issues, looking to improve their stature in the points.

Pekka Paivarinta retains plucky Dutch girl Ilse de Haas from their strong debut pairing in France.

Championship Standings ahead of Hungary

Schlosser/Fries                      45

Reeves/Rousseau                  36

Ellis/Clement                            36

Paivarinta/De Haas                29

Peugeot/Peugeot                    22

Kershaw/Charlwood               20

Wyssen/Hofer                          20

Endeveld/Crome                     16

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