FIM Sidecar World Championship Round Six Oschersleben Germany

There was a great turnout for this German round including a strong British contingent. The Oschersleben Sidecar Festival featured a round of the German IDM Championship, ensuring Tim Reeves/Kevin Rousseau and Bennie Streuer/Jeroen Remme had a busy weekend.

Qualifying took place in bright sunshine with Todd Ellis/Emmanuelle Clement setting second fastest time on the Santander Salt Yamaha behind series leaders Schlosser/Fries with a lap of 1.31.986.
Tim Reeves/Kevin Rousseau (Bonovo Action Yamaha) were fourth behind Streuer/Remme.
Q2 and it was more of the same in equally great weather conditions. This series is firmly a four-horse race with Reeves, Streuer, Ellis and Schlosser setting the pace at the front.
These four crews filled the front rows, with Pekka Pavairinta/Ilse de Haas also very strong. There was also a good showing form Steve Kershaw/Ryan Charlwood leading the rest of the pack.

Race One – A flyer from the lights had Ellis/Clement narrowly ahead of Schlosser/Fries into the first turn. They began to extend the lead on the opening lap, pulling Schlosser with them, along with Benny Streuer/Jeroen Remme in third. A twenty-one-lap race was plenty of time to sort the positions and Tim Reeves would need it. He and Kevin Rousseau had a shocker off the line in around eighth place on lap one. Young Ted Peugeot sat fourth followed by Pavairinta de Haas and Kershaw/Charlwood.
Reeves/Rousseau had to get their heads down and that they did. They were to make headway through the field to third and even challenge for second place towards the end. Given the start they had, credit must be paid to the Bonovo Action crew for a valiant effort.
Meanwhile, tyre issues hampered Todd Ellis’s aspirations for victory, and the Santander Salt Yamaha was overhauled by the clinical riding of Markus Schlosser. Once again, the Gustoil Yamaha of the Swiss series leaders sat atop the pile.
There were strong battles all down the field with Kershaw/Charlwood bagging sixth, Rob Biggs/Jeroen Schmitz eighth behind the Peugeot pairing, and Scott Lawrie/Shelley Smithies in ninth.
Further back, there was a race-long scrap which saw Kevin Cable/Kyle Masters continue their string of finishes with a points-scoring ride to fourteenth.

Race One Result -1/ Schlosser/Fries, 2/ Ellis/Clement, 3/ Reeves/Rousseau,
4/ Streuer/Remme, 5/ Pavairinta/de Haas, 6/ Kershaw/Charlwood,
7/ Peugeot/Peugeot, 8/ Biggs/Schmitz, 9/ Lawrie/Smithies, 10/ Wyssen/Hofer
11/ Kimeswenger/Kolsch, 12/ Endeveld/Krome, 13/ Remse/ Welschelberger
14/ Cable/Masters, 15/ Vinet/Farnier.

Race Two – Cloudy and cooler weather greeted the second twenty-one lap race as Todd Ellis once again shot into the lead from the lights.
This time, Tim Reeves and Kevin Rousseau made no mistakes and were on their case from the word go. Line astern it was Schlosser, Streuer and Kershaw next up.
Behind them was a French/Finnish scrap involving the Peugeots and Pavairinta, followed by a slightly more distant Rob Biggs/Jeroen Schmitz.
This was a good showing from both Santander Salt teamsters, and a thoroughly successful weekend.
The pace at the front was once again fierce, as Tim Reeves made his move and took the lead on lap nine with Schlosser also lining up a move.
He was to go through, passing both Ellis and Reeves to lead the world once again. Tim Reeves had no answer for the charging Swiss and that was how it stayed. There was drama aplenty, with Rob Biggs taking a trip into the gravel and various scraps all the way down the field. It was also a great race and weekend for the ladies with Clement third, de Haas fifth, Smithies ninth at her first effort and Farnier thirteenth and in the points.
Kevin Cable/Kyle Masters made their weekend complete with twelfth place and more solid points.

Race Two Result – 1/ Schlosser/Fries, 2/ Reeves/Rousseau, 3/ Ellis/Clement
4/ Streuer/Remme, 5/ Pavairinta/de Haas, 6/ Peugeot/Peugeot,
7/ Kershaw/Charlwood, 8/Wyssen/Hofer, 9/ Lawrie/Smithies,
10/ Kimeswenger/Kolsch, 11/ Biggs/Schmitz, 12/ Cable Masters,
13/ Vinet/Farnier, 14/ Gallerne/Bidault,

Full Championship Standings were not available at time of going to press.
Updated totals will follow.

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