From Wirral 100 here

With the aftermath of the Coronavirus Lockdown and the ongoing Cost of Living Crisis resulting in many W100 riders obviously withdrawing from or cutting down on their racing activities, our March meeting at Anglesey – without any guest classes – saw our lowest-ever entry of just 65 riders (56 solos & 9 sidecars), and a 40% reduction (approximately £10,000) in our expected entry fees, with no corresponding decrease in our fixed costs.

Unfortunately over the last few years, the July meetings have always had lower W100 entries than the March meetings and, with no guest classes again, we are currently predicting a likely deficit (expenditure over income) of between £12,000 and £16,000, hence the Committee’s unanimous decision to cancel the event. The management of the Anglesey Circuit are in agreement with this decision and are appreciative of the early notice in the hope that they will be able to secure an alternative hirer for that weekend.

The Committee apologises for this cancellation and for any inconvenience caused, but trust that our members, having regard to the above information, will understand the reasons for it. The Club will now concentrate, hopefully with the support of its riders, in delivering successful meetings on 25th & 26th June and on 8th & 9th October (the ‘Anglesey Grand’), and to formulate fresh plans for 2023; any new and constructive ideas about next year would be gratefully received.