Statement from Irish sidecar club.

Following the news yesterday evening (14/03/22) that the Ulster Centre of the MCUI had secured an insurance policy for racing in Northern Ireland, we were informed this morning, from a third party, that the Ulster Centre insurance policy for 2023 does not in fact include Sidecar racing.

This was not discussed or in fact even raised by the Ulster Centre at any of the many meeting that were held with its affiliated clubs to try find a resolution to the insurance issues, meetings that The Irish Sidecar Club, as a paid up affiliated club of the Ulster Centre, had representation at each and every one of. The way that The Irish Sidecar Club, it’s members and competitors, the many many followers, supporters and lovers of sidecars in this country have been treated by the Ulster Centre is unexceptional, unfair and wholly unprofessional. The Irish Sidecar Club has every intention to do EVERYTHING in its power to get this matter resolved and to receive the same fair play as every other class.

Although we have STILL not been notified officially, we believe the situation as it stands is that the Ulster Sidecar Championship will not go ahead over the four rounds as previously planned and discussed. We have requested an urgent meeting with the ulster centre management as soon as possible

Many decent motorsport supporters generously donated to the Ulster Centres “go fund me” page in good faith and under the impression that all classes would go ahead as planned and racing would continue in the same fashion as it did in 2022. It is dishonest and disrespectful that these genuine fans have been mislead in such a way and in fact cheated out of their money when there was no mention of dropping one of the most entertaining and loved classes from the race calendar.

The Irish Sidecar Club, along with its colleagues in The Irish sidecar And Motorcycle Supporters Club will continue to do everything that it can to get sidecar racing back on track in 2023 and your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Yours in sport,
The Irish Sidecar Club.