This is an important Bulletin for all competitors who intend to race with BMCRC now or in the future. Please ensure you read and understand it.

From Round 3 of the 2023 BMCRC/MRO Championships at Snetterton 300, we will be introducing a new flag protocol to further improve safety after an incident occurs. Marshals may now display 2 yellow flags, simultaneously waved at a flag post.

The meaning of this is simple; Double Waved Yellow (two flags) – Great Danger. There is definitely a significant obstruction of the course or other major issue ahead.

The obstruction could be a person, a machine or something else. It might mean that competitors(s), marshal(s) and/or bike(s) are on the track surface.

The meaning of the other yellow flag combinations remains unchanged:
Stationary Yellow – Incident ahead. No overtaking from the point of the flag. Decrease your speed and be aware of other competitors.

Waved Yellow (single flag) – Incident in this sector. No overtaking. Decrease your speed and be wary of blind corners or crests. Importantly, competitors or marshals could be in the course if the incident has just occurred. Be prepared to stop.

After an incident, you may only begin to race again (i.e. overtake) after you pass (i.e. at the point of) the green flag (or lights).

We have introduced this new protocol as it is now used at FIM events, BSB and other national level events as well as by car racing. It allows the marshals to signal to you an even higher degree of danger than the single waved yellow flags.

This is being introduced to further improve your safety as competitors and also that of the volunteer marshals.

Anyone not respecting the flags and riding inappropriately will receive significant sanctions from the Clerk of the Course.