Big thanks to the current honor roll of Stars who have, so far, contributed to the 2023 BEARs Sidecar Prize fund.

From Slow Phil…

PLEASE SHARE and help Grass roots British Sidecar racing x.

The fund the Sidecar Revival is now closed at £500!!

We are now raising money for the Lord Of Lydden in October so please help out just like the stars listed below. Contact Slow Phil by email here

The Lord Of Lydden BEARs Prize fund now stands at: £180.

I’m sorry that these people are a bit anonymous but this is all I have from the bank statement and PayPal.

If you have donated please PM Slow Phil here.

Thanks again to all you beautiful friends of BEARs Sidecars!

They are:

Graeme Kraemer

Stephen Jackson

Alan Anne Snashall

Chaddy Ninetwenty (Lee Chadwick)

Dave Whitmore

John Anketell-Jones

Mike and Sue MR Equipe

Mervyn Ridgewell

Glynn Nicholls

Kevin Cock

Frank Miles

AR Edwards

Ron Hardy

Steve Bone

Richard Jenkins


Please, please get your name up here, that smallest donation will be loved!