By Boris Stroud

As I am sure many teams are busy with prep for the TT, and pushing with tight time constraints: we are all under the same pressure. Originally, John had intended to enter the Ryde KTM loaned by Kenny Howells and have it ready and set for the TT.

Unfortunately, this was a huge task and undertaking and everyone felt too overwhelmed by the work required.  However, as unfortunate as it was, Boris Stroud (Marin) has offered to step in at last minute, with the loan of his Marin outfit built by Christie Engineering Services (CES) and the Suzuki engines to push John on, instead.

John & Boris are busy sorting out the requirements to compete and are excited to be able showcase the competitiveness of the CES chassis & highlight another up-and-coming manufacturer once again on the island, along with other teams who have selected the CES chassis.

Boris commented, “I have great belief in the CES chassis and fully support this fantastic development, now well proven in both short circuits and the TT.”

It will be a fabulous opportunity for the young manufacturing family and CES, as well as other teams in sharing the proven ability of this outfit, where progress & development are paramount in ensuring the class moves forward and the constructor is seen as world class .

With limited numbers of sidecar competitors at the TT, John and his Belgian passenger – Frank Claeys – will be a valuable addition and hope to be challenging at the sharp end, together with other racers.

With John and Frank taking on the Island once again, Boris thinks he and the team will have a strong confident team that will give the very best experience, skill and determination to highlight everyone’s efforts all in the sport.

As it stands, it is imperative that we have as many bikes on the grid as possible, to ensure the sidecar class continues to be the scintillating spectacle that it is for the followers!

John is delighted with the valued support he will have from Marin and also his other sponsors in once again taking on the iconic TT course.

Racing has to start somewhere and for the good of the sport, many new teams have cut their teeth in club racing. As many people know, Boris currently supports numerous teams around the world and is keen to see younger teams come into the sport too. Marin has been pivotal in encouraging feeder teams into the TT and the British championships along with the World championship.

Post TT, this bike will be on the market for sale, where enquiries should be directed to Boris via John.