Update from Chris Schofield

Photo from Lynn Schofield FB

From Chris
I’m sure you have all heard by now that we had an issue incident in tonight’s qualifying. It happened just after bishops court. Sorry your practice got cut short gus.

We will be ok tho. Tom has suffered with cuts and bruises, soft tissue damage and is walking wounded. And he has been discharged.

I have 2 punctured lungs (only small) a laceration of my liver, concussion. Soft tissue damage and cuts and bruises and they are keeping me in for observation, hopefully they will let me out tomorrow but we will see.

I have my thoughts on what happened but we will know more when the lads have had a good look at what used to be a bike.

Thanks for everyone’s kind words and support, it means a lot. Thank you and I’ll see you all real soon back in the paddock.

🏁🏁🧡Let’s do this🧡🏁🏁